What Is Boat Storage?

Most smaller boats are stored at home and carried to the water on boat trailers. But a lot of boat owners do not have the necessary space to store their precious toy. This is where boat storage comes into place.

More About Boat Storage

Boat Storage

There are many storage facilities that have boat storage space available to park your boat and trailer while not in use; they are mostly outside parking spaces and are called dry storage yards. The dry storage yards can also offer RV storage or storage for any other type of vehicle. Some of these outside parking spaces are covered spaces with a roof to protect from direct contact with the sun. These covered parking spaces provide protection from the harmful effects of UV rays that can fade the exterior finishes of any boat.

A new trend in boat storage is rack storage, where they are stored in large steel racks, sometimes four or five boats high. These racks are located outside but the trend is for them to be inside large sheds. The boats are hoisted with specialized fork trucks to their space or from their space to the water or trailer.

If you are planning to store your expensive investment for the season, special steps should be taken to protect it. As with car storage, you should change your oil and top off your gas tank. Disconnect or remove all electronic devices and the battery. Make sure you wash and wax the exterior and repair any dings or cracks, this little issues can become big headaches when you are ready to take your boat our in a few months.