What Is Motorcycle Storage?

If you are not going to ride you motorcycle during the winter or are planning to store it for long periods of time, self storage facilities have the space for you.

More About Motorcycle Storage

Motorcycle Storage

A motorcycle can fit in any traditional unit measuring 10 feet deep of more, preferable an outside unite / drive up access. You’ll want to ride it in for easy handling and if you plan to take it out from time to time or run the engine to keep all the internal parts working properly.

When considering to store your bike at a storage facility, look for one that has climate controlled units. You don’t want the temperature to change drastically from day to night. Changing temperatures can cause havoc on many parts of your bike: rubber gaskets, plastic seals, fuel lines and even the leather on your seats.

If your storage facility has only inside units, you still can store it there providing that you empty the tank of gas completely. This measure is taken to minimize the chances of fire hazards. Most facilities that have inside units with roll up doors will allow you to bring your motorcycle providing you take the step mentioned above.

There are a few steps you must take to protect your motorcycle during storage, especially if you will store it for the winter months: Run the motorcycle for at least 30 minutes to get it to optimum temperature, ad some type of fuel stabilizer in the gas tank and top it off with gasoline, change the oil, do it while it is still hot to get rid of a lot of the junk accumulated during your riding time. Wash it and wax it is possible, this will protect your paint, lube the chain and check that your tire is inflated to the maximum recommended pressure. Disconnect your battery and keep it in a low voltage charger and if you have a cover for your motorcycle, use it, it will protect your bike from dust and any outside moisture. Do not use a sheet or tarp to cover your bike, these will only exasperate the moisture retention and accelerate the rust or mold accumulation. Resist the temptation to run your engine while on storage, this will only leave moisture inside the engine which can cause problems later on like rust inside moving parts.

For summer storage follow the same recommendations, if the bike will not be started at all for over two months.