What Is RV Storage?

RV camping is a lot of fun, but when the time comes to store your RV, there are a lot of RV Storage options. They are better that storing your RV in front of your house or in your driveway. The choices for RV storage are as wide as there are types of RVs. From parking spaces in a storage facility to enclosed units with AC/heat and electricity.

More About RV Storage

RV Storage

One of the most popular is a common covered space, it is a parking space with a roof. This type of storage protects your RV from rain and sun but not from wind, this type of RV Storage do not have any amenities. Many self storage facilities have a section for car storage, boat storage and RV storage, whether it be covered or uncovered. Do your homework prior to renting a RV storage unit, make sure the facility has a good track record and that it is completely gated and with a keypad access entry system.

When ready to rent a space, make sure to take your proof of ownership and insurance, you will need them before signing your lease. If you choose the common area storage, take pictures of your RV and make sure your insurance company covers your RV while in storage. Do not store your RV on grassy surfaces, gravel or dirt, it will only invite pesky creatures to take residence in your home away from home, and remember to keep the area around it clean. Remove any electronics, liquid and food. If storing during winter in cold temperatures, winterize your RV, drain the water heater tank and all water housed and run antifreeze through the entire system, this will prevent them from freezing.

Ultimately, what type of storage best suits you will depend on your preferences. If you go RV camping very often, or need immediate access to your RV, home storage may be better. If you take long breaks and only go RV camping a couple of times a year, it may be better to store it. Either way, make sure whatever you choose best suites your needs.